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School Crisis Response Resources

On Friday March 4th, 2022 a school shooting occurred in the Olathe Public Schools District at Olathe East High School.  A high school principal and school resource officer were shot and a student was the shooter. The school resource officer returned fire, and wounded the suspect.  It appears at this time that all three individuals will survive.

Horrible incidents like these remind us of our responsibility as school psychologists to dedicate our time to the prevention of crises as well as appropriately responding to crises when they occur.  Students and families often require assistance in how to respond after a crisis that have directly or indirectly affected them.  Below is a list of resources that can be shared and utilized when considering how to respond to such an event.

Responding to a Mass Casualty Event at a School: General Guidance for the First Stage of Recovery

Recovery From Large-Scale Crises: Guidelines for Crisis Teams and Administrators

Talking to Children About Violence: Tips for Parents and Teachers

If you or your school community is in need of additional resources or support, please contact KASP at kaspempowers@gmail.com.

Our thoughts are with the Olathe community and we thank our Kansas School Psychologists and mental health personnel for their efforts in supporting those affected by this tragedy.

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