Empowering Children, Educators, and Families


Kansas School Psychologist Evaluation Protocol Design Participants


Kansas Association of School Psychologists Executive Board

Kansas Association of School Psychologists Ad Hoc Committee: Lisa Morch, Dr. Carol Daniels, Meg Braun, Andrew Heinicke, Lena Kisner, and Jeanette Devilbiss


National Assoication of School Psychologist. (November, 2012). A framework for the personnel evaluation of school psychologists utilizing the NASP practice model, v 41, #3, p1-7. 

Skalski, A. K. (2012). NASP Model for Comprehensive & Integrated School Psychological Services. Presentation at NASDSE Annual Conference, October 22, 2012, Sacramento, CA.

KASP would also like to thank the National Association of School Psychologists for their input regarding the need for accurate appraisal of school psychologists. Additionally, our gratitude goes out to other state associations that willingly shared their appraisal tools, specifically North Carolina School Psychologists Association, Massachusetts School Psychologists Association, Indiana Association of School Psychologists,  and Florida’s Evaluation Model and Guide from the Florida Department of Education.  

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