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Regional Meeting News


Speaker:  Mark Ward and Deb McVay

Topic:  Law and Eligibility

Date:  November 14, 2017

Time:  8:30-3:00

Location:  Newton, KS

Regional Update

Upcoming Central Region Meeting: Come join and invite other colleagues to hear great information on  the legality of eligibility and 504 plans, evaluation using RTI,  and eligibility determinations, along with other hot legal topics in special education in November 14, 2017. 

A Note from Jessica:  I hope everyone is settling into the busy year .  I am really excited about our Central Region meeting on November 14  and look forward to seeing those that can attend. Also, start thinking of other key topics you would like to have at a meeting next year.  The KASP board has been working hard at trying to think of more effective ways to promote our profession and help others see the need and demand. During school psych week, I challenge everyone to talk to someone new about what our profession is. I know it is hard to tell people in a few words when there is so much versatility to what we do!  There are some really great resources through NASP to help start the conversations and make us more visible! Please feel free to email or ask any other questions you have! I also want to congratulate Melissa Sullivan on the election and her new position to Central Region Director.  

About Your Regional Director

I am currently a school psychologist for Harvey County Cooperative and have began my 8th year practicing school psychology.  I have been your Central Region Director for the last two years and I wanted to tell you all how much I have appreciated this opportunity.   I have learned a lot about system changes and have been able to converse with other psychologist on hot topics.  It was a wonderful experience and I encourage you all to find ways to advocate for our profession and participate in KASP events.  

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